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The Everyday Sexism Project exists to catalogue instances of sexism experienced by women on a day to day basis. They might be serious or minor, outrageously offensive or so niggling and normalised that you don’t even feel able to protest. Say as much or as little as you like, use your real name or a pseudonym – it’s up to you. By sharing your story you’re showing the world that sexism does exist, it is faced by women everyday and it is a valid problem to discuss.

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#60640 Sophie 2014-03-08 15:59
When I was 18yrs old I started work in a small town bank. There were several young women working there ranging from 16yrs old to about 20. There was also a middle-aged, married, small, round, obnoxious middle manager who loved touching and groping these women and coming out with constant sexist and inappropriate remarks. What I couldn't understand at first, was that the young women appeared to enjoy the attention. They giggled, laughed and blushed and never once complained. One day I challenged them on it and asked them why did they let him get away with it and why did they appear to enjoy it? They turned round appalled and said that they absolutely hated him and his comments and his touching but they were too scared and embarrassed to do anything about it and didn't know what to do. I told them that it was sexual harassment and against the law. They were amazed and thought it was just one of those things women had to put up with in the office. They were frightened if they reported him that they would lose their jobs. I told them that they were well within their rights to complain. I rallied the troops and I went into to speak to the senior bank manager and reported the creepy little man's behaviour. He was officially warned it went on his permanent record and never touched or spoke inappropriately to the women again. I am proud that a few young women learned a valuable lesson at that time and that was not to take any of this crap from a man in the future. He also learned a valuable lesson!
#60639 Sophie 2014-03-08 15:46
When my eldest daughter was 10yrs old, I had to go into school to speak to the Headteacher about three boys in her class that kept touching and groping her and her friends' bottoms. Apparently they were "nice" boys who'd never been in trouble before. When they were reprimanded, all three broke down in floods of tears. They had no idea what they had been doing was even wrong. They do now. This happened in 2010.
#60638 Vivi 2014-03-08 15:16
On my last day at work, a colleague who had a reputation for being inappropriate towards his female colleagues, told me that his biggest regret was that he didn't get the chance to rape me in the store room before I left. For months I had been scared to go into that isolated, dark room on my own because he always said things like, "I'm coming to get you," and "don't go in there alone, I'll jump on you."
#60637 Rose, 17 2014-03-08 14:42
Article in the Times Magazine this morning on 'Lust Objects' stating men who are deemed good-looking or lust-worthy enough to grace their list of 'man crushes'. Can't help but feel that if this were a list of women, there would be outrage. However because it's men no one says anything.
How can women demand equality, and the removal of objectification in the media if we continue to do the same to men in such a casual manner.
Frustrating and feels like a step backwards.
#60636 H 2014-03-08 14:34
In Iran it is forbidden for women to ride traditional bicycles in the belief that it is a sexual stimulant and “causes corruption". Women riders are attacked by vigilantes. The Iranian version of the Islamic bicycle has a “boxy contraption that hides a woman’s lower body.”

"a bicycle that is produced with God’s blessings in mind and man’s interests at its fore is an Islamic bicycle"

Phew. "Man's interests."
#60635 Terri, via twitter 2014-03-08 14:10
I was once told women aren't real engineers
#60634 Chloe, via twitter 2014-03-08 14:09
3 guys in their 40s threw bits of litter at me on the train. I looked over and asked if they had anything to say:they did, so once we were conversing they stopped, but they seemed to think that pelting me with food & litter. Loudly discussing my appearance was a way to get the attention to start a conversation.
#60633 m, via twitter 2014-03-08 14:06
getting wolf whistled by the workers across the road while in in my front yard.
#60632 Anon 2014-03-08 13:48
Sorry for my English in advance. Englihs is not my first language.

I was 17 years old. Started to work in a local hotel in summer holidays. There was a man about 50 years old, he complimented me all the time. I didn't pay much attention to it, until he started to touch me. He came up behind me, when nobody was watching and crabbed my breasts or tried to kiss me. I told him not to do it, but he wouldn't listen. Once he said, that I wouldn't ruin his day, by saying I don't want him to touch me. I tried to avoid him, but it wasn't always possible. I was really upset, cried many times. I tried to talk to older women about it, but they said, it is fine he is doing this to everybody- like this makes it okay?! After that I felt ashamed of my reaction to it and thought maybe I am too emotional and his behavior is something I have to get use to.

There was a quest of the hotel, who came to visit every summer. He kissed all the women workers in the hotel on the mouth. I refused. He pleaded and begged to give him a kiss, I still didn't. He went and complained to my manager. She came to convince me that I should kiss him and this is fine- it is only a small kiss. I still refused. I think that one of the reasons why he thought that I and everybody else should kiss him was that the other women in the hotel didn't refuse him and accepted his behavior.
#60631 T, via twitter 2014-03-08 13:47
my dad says women shouldn't get tattoos.
#60630 Emma, via twitter 2014-03-08 13:43
struggling to find a job as a web developer because all male offices think a girl would be offended by their sense of humour
#60629 Hannah, via twitter 2014-03-08 13:42
apparently I was 'asking for it' when street harassment happened yesterday.
#60628 Lauren, via twitter 2014-03-08 13:41
two boys blocked my way on the stairs and made sexist jokes to make fun of my being a feminist. shaking with rage.

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